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Lantern of Worlds - Nightfall

Lantern of Worlds - Nightfall is the 3rd game in the Lantern of Worlds saga, and tells the story of the wizard Branimir.

The game will be made with RPG Maker MV and features custom art, plug-in's and voice acting.

The Story

The game is divided in chapters. In the first chaper, you play as the wizard Branimir, lost to the lands of the dead. You will have to muster your strength, find a way to escape the lands of shadow and darkness, and return to the world of the living.

You will have to enlist the aid of old friends, and strange spirits, to find your way back.

But you must be careful, the Watchers of the dead are ever vigilant, and will not take kindly to a soul trying to escape their grasp.

Chapter 2: Mists of Maerin

In chapter 2, you will play as a hero, trying to foil the dark plans of the wizard Branimir, who has mysteriously reappeared in the world of the living. You will find that an ancient evil has been resurrected, threatening the village of your birth.


If you would like to know more of the story of Branimir, please visit our website at: www.fasoldgames.com

If you would like a free game set within the 'Lantern of Worlds' universe, please go here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1047190/


Lantern of Worlds 3 Demo 2 707 MB
Lantern of Worlds 3 Mac Demo 2 708 MB

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